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The Bubble Effect

If you look around you, you’ll probably notice that you’re surrounded by bubbles. All the time. They come in all sizes… small, medium, large, extra large. Some look like a damp winter’s day, grey and soul-less. Some are even darker like the Krishna clouds in the thick of monsoon. There are whitish clear ones with a shine or a glint. And there are of course those special ones with the colour of the rainbow. These bubbles are nothing but episodes of our lives. Our thoughts. Our moods. Our circumstances. Our ideas. Our fears. Our pains. Our doubts. Our loves. Our hopes. Our desires. The colours they take on are reflective of their very own nature. Their size increases or decreases with their importance. While some we would like to prick, others like the rainbow-hued, we would like to hang on to… but they too would burst – you cannot forcibly hold or grasp a bubble for too

long, no matter how hard you try.

But maybe there is something else we can do. Or at least try. What if we were to place ourselves in a bubble? Each one, inside a big bubble, his or her very own. We think and do and feel inside this bubble. And what we think and do and feel dictates the colour of the bubble. If we think angry, sad, doubting, fearful thoughts, our bubble will look dark and dismal without a ray of hope in it – could you then survive inside this bubble for too long? On the other hand, if our thoughts and deeds are happy, uplifting, enthusiastic, it is only natural that our bubble will be bathed in sunshine – we would be the rainbow.

Try. We have a whole new year to make it happen…

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