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The Coming of Superman

Is it said that when the supramental descends, it will come with such an overwhelming and irresistible force that all humanity will be changed forthwith, that is to say, all men whether they wanted it or not, sought for it or not, would be automatically transformed?  It cannot be so: it is a comfortable doctrine putting a premium on laziness and inertia.

There is no necessity for all men turning into supermen, the normal human race disappearing altogether.  Mankind need not become extinct like the ancient Mammoth and Mastodon in order to give place to Superman.  Both the races can dwell together; earth is wide enough.  Man has appeared; for that reason the ape has not disappeared, although it is said man came out of the ape genus.  The superman will come and live with his new law of life; man too will continue with his human dharma.  Not only so, they need not be separated into watertight compartments, there may be interaction or interchange between the two.  With the coming of Superman there will naturally be a descent of harmony and peace and happiness and goodwill into the earth’s atmosphere and mankind is likely to be benefited by it.  The conditions of life will be changed and will affect man’s life too.  An element of light and joy and tranquillity will enter into humanity’s normal dealings.  And man, on his side, may offer his services as the recruiting ground of the super-race.  Furthermore, the whole of Nature being a unified movement, no level of creation being totally separate from others, the change may very well touch the animal and even the vegetable kingdom.  The plant may put on, for example, a luminous or greener tint and the animal may develop a happier and livelier spring.

There may be less scarcity, dearth, aridity, fewer convulsions and catastrophes on earth.

Always, however, exceptions are possible.  Even now, where conditions of life are happier and things are expected to be more smooth and harmonious, there exist people who are by nature so obscure, quarrelsome and turbulent that they are not touched at all and go on in their way finding always occasions to quarrel and fight and create trouble.  They will be in the midst of the new humanity as Hottentots or Headhunters–aborigines and savages–are today in the eyes of civilised humanity.

– Nolini Kanta Gupta