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The Dawn of De-extinction

What happens when one of the most abundantly found birds goes extinct in a matter of decades?

For one thing, it shakes some of us enough to come up with a recovery plan which is brilliant and audacious, highly controversial but promising. Stewart Band and his team are now walking this tightrope with a firm conviction that they can bring back extinct species and have the Passenger Pigeon take over the skies again.The question that arises however is whether this is something we ought to do or not, i.e, interfere with nature and as some would say, God’s plan. The argument put forth is that we already interfered with nature by making those species extinct in the first place and so if it is interfering once again, at least it is on a positive side.Whether the experiment is a success or not, we hope that another outcome of this would be a more determined effort on the part of the world to at least not lose any more of its species. Let Science continue its explorations; let Man become more responsible.

(Courtesy TED Talks)