Food for Thought|May 18, 2013 4:04 AM| by:

The Formula of Success

We move in an age whence the boundaries of well-defined parameters appear to be crumbling. The physical sciences, on one hand, are admitting the subjective side of experience as a personal construct of the universe. On the other hand, subjective branches of knowledge like psychology and humanities are assuming an increasingly objective and technical approach.

These are signs of a churning of various possibilities for assimilation and growth. As a result, more than ever before, truth walks as the handmaiden of error. Light and darkness seem to be interwoven intricately like a fine mist before our eyes. Bold assumptions confront fantastic claims; established facts now appear reasoned guesses.

In times as these, not only the layman but the scientific spirit itself is left wondering as to what is the test of truth? An a priori denial of everything in a doubting spirit would remove truth as much as error. On the contrary, a blind belief in everything abandoning a certain measure of common-sense would open doors to an endless confusion.

Reason itself is no more an infallible guide since its conclusions change with a change of the original premises. Even universality and applicability are no sure index since each form is a universe in itself and applicability differs from level to level.

Perhaps the simple formula of sincerity can save us from error and deceit. The measure of truth may be outside but the test of truth is within us. And sincerity leads to the unification and harmonisation of our subjective and objective movements around a central organising will. By this alone can we outgrow the distorting influence of our preferences and preconceived ideas.