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The Fourth Type

They say humanity is divided into just a handful of personality types amongst which two of the main types are the thinkers and the doers. That is to say, those who think and those who act. Both are equally important not just for the functioning of society, but also for each other, because one needs a thought to act upon and the other needs his thought acted upon. There are also the dreamers–those who dream out impossible possibilities. They’re different from the empirical and logical thinkers, delving into worlds of imagination, painting with audacious colours their fantasies on an unseen canvas. Not in the ineffectual sense, but of true visionaries.

However, there is one category which is, more often than not, ignored as a real entity. These are the believers–those who don’t dream or think or act, but they believe in the dreams of the dreamers and the thoughts of the thinkers and the acts of the doers. Their belief is the motivator, which goads in an unspoken language, every other category to do what it is good at doing. Belief, faith, conviction–these are indispensable if anything has to be achieved.

Even though humanity may have been classified under half a dozen predominant personality types, it by no means implies that one category cannot profess the attributes of another. A large part of us are in reality a little of several categories mixed into each other. But the one necessary ingredient, or rather the common denominator that should or could ideally exist is that of the believers. We all need to believe in the goodness of humanity, in love and compassion, in the achievements, in the aims and goals for a better and purer life, in the progression, no matter how slow, towards a state of perfection.

If we believe, we’re already half way there, and it is only a matter of time before the dreams and ideas and actions all manifest in concrete form.