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The Giga Joke

After countless aeons of stillness and utter motionless silence, suddenly God exploded into frantic creative activity.

He multiplied himself into myriads of universes, billions of galaxies, each with trillions of suns and quintillions of lesser heavenly bodies.

As each divine scintilla of himself was possessed with the same frenzy of self-multiplication, in almost no time all space and even the sub-spaces inside the infra-spaces were filled with beings and sub-beings busily occupied, crazily obsessed with multiplying themselves.

On the seventh day God rested, and smiled at the teaming abundance he had created, which like soap bubbles inside soap bubbles filled all available spaces from mini-mini to super to mega and giga spaces.

God smiled and encouragingly murmured to himself in all those bubbles, “Multiply! Go on, multiply!”

And multiply they did, with a vengeance, dividing even below the vanishing point.

Suddenly, in the midst of all those space-bubbles, God heard a tiny mini-nano-pico-micro-voice crying, “God!  Where are you?  Where are you?”

God was shocked.  Had that infinitesimal speck of himself gone mad?  Where did that micro-crumb of himself think he was?  Wasn’t he himself all the substance of all those sub-divisions?  Could that flimsy, miserable, picayune dot have become so alienated, so estranged, that it believed itself separate from him, alone?  Could anyone become so much mere insensate form as to believe itself not itself, that is to say, not God?

My God!  What should he do?  Smash that damned demented sub-particle, that runty stunted ultramicroscopic mote into oblivion?  Suddenly God started laughing, slapping his knees till the universes shook.  That was a good joke!

He had been taken in by his own game.  He himself had been carried away, out of his primeval concentration, into this delirium of expansion and self-multiplication.  It was he himself who had forgotten himself and cried out to himself, “God, where are you?”

Te Ana Vava (Medhananda)

(Medhananda was born in Germany and became a judge of the High Court at Frankfurt.  He then lived in Tahiti for several years. In 1949 he wrote to Sri Aurobindo and joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1952.  He was given the work of Librarian of Sri Aurobindo Library by the Mother.)

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