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The Good and Bad of Obsession

Of all the hours we have in hand, if one was to observe sincerely, it would turn out that many of us spend our lives in a state of constant obsession. From dawn to dusk, we obsess on our needs, our wants. From the moment we wake, nay, perhaps moments even before we wake, we begin obsessing on what to wear, or what to cook, or what to eat, or what action to take in office or what words to utter before someone. We plan dialogues, we conjure situations, we imagine possible endings. No doubt a steady stream of unconscious thoughts run in the background, but there is equally a torrent cascading on us consciously as well.

If it were at all possible to devote a fraction of that constant state of obsession about our personal lives towards the life of the nation, can you imagine how much of a difference could be effected overnight? With millions of people living off this soil, on this land, how is it possible that we are still unable to stand tall as a nation? How is it that we can let our minds work on inconsequential matters endlessly and yet, draw an absolute blank when it comes to putting the same energy into something constructive? Not for a long time, not even for a few hours, but just a few moments. It does not reflect in the incapability of the nation but our personal inability to rustle up the will and determination to stop from obsessing about ourselves and start obsessing about the betterment of the nation and the universe that we are a part of.

And then imagine, if we were to devote a fraction of that fraction to turning ourselves towards the Light. How little effort it would take to devote just a single moment.

A single concentrated moment to obsess about the Divine.

Would it help?
Would it change the way the world spins?
Would it alter our lives or mould our spirits?

Start obsessing and you’ll find out.