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The Greatest Sport of All

Every once in a while the mind conjures a new perspective simply to excite itself out of stagnancy. Concepts can be many of which one is that of Life. This life that seems to slip from one day to the next, almost in a comatose at times. So how can one feel that drive to go the extra inch, to feel enthusiastic for the day to come, to feel the adrenalin of facing yet another challenging moment?

Here’s an idea…life is a sport. Earth is our field. Humanity is our team. We compete not with each other but with the obstacles thrown in our way by life itself. Our human companions help us along the way, a leap here, a jump there. One gain is a victory for the team. One loss is an opportunity for our team to buck up, double its effort, make up for lost time. Our ever watchful Leader is always at hand. Blowing the whistle that warns. Lending a hand when one stumbles. How can one not want to take this game to the end, the finishing line, the last goal? How can one not yearn to touch that wonderful trophy that lies bathed in the colour of the sun?

Life is not merely a game… it is the greatest sport. Played on a glorious and vast playing field. With the most endearing companions ever. And most importantly, a Leader who never gives up on the players. All we need is the right team spirit and the race is won.

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