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The Miracle of Birth

Parenthood is such a thrill… for most at least. Apart from the miracle of having created another human, there is so much more that takes place on a day to day basis which if one is aware of, can fill volumes of a personal sadhana. Sacrifice and devotion, unconditional love and protection – these are just some of the very many qualities that most parents begin to experience. And almost every thought one has, instead of taking the straight path, takes instead a detour via the miracle born of one’s flesh and blood. Of course there are extreme exceptions where the child faces neglect and a treatment too harsh to understand, but by and large it could safely be said that most parents, even if they lack foresight and ambition, do nonetheless wish the best of available circumstances for their child, and where it is within reach, it is attained.

But what about the children? Do they realize all that has been invested – the hardships, the suffering, the martyrdom? Do they appreciate the time that is spent in raising them until they can stand on their own feet? Do they look upon their parents as miracles as well? Again, by and large, the respect and the adoration towards one’s parents is but natural and even though many a time, a clash or conflict of ideas and personality may occur, love is nonetheless present at some level of one’s consciousness, brought out to the fore when the time to step into the shoes of a parent comes upon the child.

Our relationship with God and God’s relationship with us is pretty much on the same lines. God is decidedly the Parent of all creation, of which we are just a tiny part. And just as every father or mother wants the best for his or her child, God too wants the best for all His children. And just the way children treat casually the love and support, the guidance and protection, that they receive from their parents, likewise, the Grace bestowed on humanity, each and every one of us, is more often than not, taken for granted. Just as a rebellious child scoffs at his parents, so too does man retaliate and shake an angry fist at heaven above. Just as the same child who may have taken for granted his parents or worse, shunted them out of his world, later through circumstances sees his error, likewise man too realizes the folly of his narrow vision through lessons doled out to him by Life and comes to a point where he feels only gratitude for the Parent he had so carelessly relegated to the background, if not neglected altogether.

Even the miracle of birth perhaps is but one more device this great Parent uses to teach His child a lesson or two.