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The Miracles around Us

Many of us go through roller coaster rides not just in our life in the long run but almost on a daily basis. The ups and downs have us constantly tested, putting all our inner and outer progress into a literal on-the-spot field practice. Sometimes we falter. And in that stumble, we may lose a firm grip on the only thing which is worthwhile – the stick of faith. We question, we demand, we come to the point of giving up. In every moment of this inner battle, we may turn into schizophrenics, letting one or the other aspects of our nature gain or lose ground. By night, it seems to be the most exhausting day of one’s life and with echoes of the fall still resounding within, we pray for a miracle to deliver us.

Some may feel that the miracle is only that which directly answers the problem and until that itself is addressed, consider the miracle unaccomplished.

But with the dawning of a new day, we get a fresh start each time. Each morning is much more than the rising of the sun and the ticking off of another day in the calendar – each morning is, in fact, a magical hat from which we can draw out an entirely new, entirely blank sheet of paper on which to write out a new life for ourselves. To be given such a chance, day after day, is nothing short of miraculous… this is the very miracle that we hoped for.

Here’s looking at a new day in a new way… let us not regard it with a mere stretch and a yawn nor waste this opportunity, for it is the answer to our prayers.

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