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The Mirror of our Soul

Socrates said, “Speak that I may see you”.
Whatever did he mean by that?
Can our words indicate who we are? If it were so, then can we not spew forth goodness while harbouring within the vilest of hearts? Would he then be able to see who we are just as easily? Perhaps it is possible to deceive and cast illusionary images, but the fact is that falsehood has a short lifetime and sooner or later the Truth always catches up.

Our sincere words are nothing but pictures of our thoughts and our true thoughts are nothing save mirrors of our souls. What we say then, not just the literal meanings but our genuine expression, is truly who we are and all pretence is pointless for we can never fool ourselves into believing what we are not. In the same vein, one cannot be good by simply trying to be good but by searching and bringing out the goodness from deep within. Few are those who realise the import of such thoughts uttered by the wise of yore and most find themselves having wasted their time in trying to live a life of duplicity. It is perhaps far easier, to accept our weaknesses, right the wrongs and come clean with who we really are. The world is far more accepting of the truth than we would give it credit for. And for those who cannot accept us as we are or allow us the freedom of time to make the changes in our being, it is a lesson for them too, in openness, generosity, compassion. For to end with another wise thought, one must do to others what one hopes would be done to oneself.

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    Sometimes a very simple sermon becomes most difficult for us to practice, because of our LEDI (lack of determination, ego, desire and insincerity).