Moments Winging By...|Oct 17, 2010 4:46 AM| by:

The Moment of Realisation

This is it… this is the body we have and we offer it to You Lord to do Your bidding. We are Your instruments by which Your mission and goal will be accomplished. We are at Your service Lord.

This is it…this is the mind that we possess and we now put if before You, surrendering it so that it can be put to use in whatever manner You think best – it is there so that Your dream of Perfection may be  fulfilled.

This is it…this is the soul that we are, and even though we can’t see it or touch it, there are times that we can sense it. Accept it Lord – it is for You to give it shape and form for it is mere putty in Your hands.

But this is not it. This is not what we ask of You every moment of our lives as we should. In fact, those moments are rare when we consecrate ourselves at Your feet and beg You to lift us in Your benevolent arms and embrace us. We ask for much, for ourselves, our families, our friends, our state of mind, body and being. But we forget to offer it to You. We forget that it was Yours in the first place.

This is it…no more shall we forget Lord. The time of realisation and awakening has dawned.