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The Most Important Prayer

As the New Year begins, one wonders what all one can ask for from the Divine.
Please God, let it be a fruitful year.
Let there be prosperity and success at every step.
Bestow upon us good health so that we may do the work effectively.
Let our aspirations manifest into something concrete.
We beg for peace in our homes, in our lives, in the world we live in.

The list is endless as always. But no matter how long it may be, there is always place for one last wish – a wish that should ideally be on the top of the list.

Everything we do to move towards the Light, we can undo with no one but ourselves to blame. In a split second, we can wash away all that we have achieved. For there are moments when we forget the Divine consciously or unconsciously and it is at such a moment when peril stands smiling at the door. That danger that lurks without is nothing but a mirror image of us, of what lurks within. And so, it is imperative that we ask for one more thing:

Dear God, please give us your protection, so that we may stay safe from others who wish us harm, from hostile forces that intend to derail us, from anything evil that may fall upon us, but most of all, please protect us from ourselves.