Mind, Body, Soul|Sep 27, 2004 1:27 PM| by:

The Need of the Hour

The present world is witnessing something of a new, beautiful and true change.  We see the signs of this great new birth increasingly evident in all fields of human endeavour.  Yet the process is not without its price and its pangs.  The price is exacting and demands a giving up of all that is customary and habitual to our thoughts and feelings so that a radical breakthrough can emerge. The pang is also precise and puts its painful finger on our weak spots so as to make us aware of all that is yet in need of perfection.

The trends in health and healing sciences are also witnessing this change.  The conventional models of disease are breaking up and the human mind, dissatisfied with the present remedies, is turning towards a higher light and greater knowledge.  This tendency translates itself into a re-emergence and a reappraisal of alternate healing systems.  As yet these systems are only alternate, giving the impression thereby, that they are subordinate.  This reference point needs a change because one system cannot become a reference point for another if we are to be truly objective.  In times like this it is necessary to keep health alone as the reference point.  If this or that system helps, it helps.  It matters little whether this satisfies the pathologist or the physiologist.  Such an unbiased approach alone can truly discover the latent physiology or subsequent pathology.  A re-orientation of thought seems necessary in the field of medicine when discoveries in other fields are directly or indirectly breaking the conventional models.