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The One Constant

If one takes a moment to reflect, it would seem incredible to review the number of changes that take place constantly in our lives. Cities become bigger, cars become faster, buildings become taller, spaces become smaller. There hardly seem to be any overlaps between generations – each is unique and brings a completely new twist to modern life. Economies and politicians rise and fall with equal ease; villages march towards towns, towns run towards cities. Technology vies to outdo its own genius, changing from better to best to better still in a span of seconds.

Much is gained, some is lost. Like the art of letter writing, where one spent precious moments devoting oneself to the choice of paper and the right pen and the perfect mood before penning down personal thoughts to a distant friend – today, it’s a quick email or a quicker sms, convenient and impersonal. Phone calls cost next to nothing and so no longer is there the excitement when an outstation call attracted the entire household to crowd around the instrument, each wanting to say something, hear something. And then there was the joy of photography – the camera an object of worship. Painful minutes would be spent getting all in order – the perfect picture. Restless anticipation while the roll clicked its way through, heavy suspense until the film was developed. Today, digital technology has made life simpler – click, see, don’t like, delete, click again. Movies and music are all on a chip – hundreds of choices easily accessible. And yet, it was not long ago when a single channel was the only option on radio and television. Each one had a special programme which was followed religiously – the careful tuning so that no hiss and spurt marred the next half hour of singing with gay abandon or the unstated agreement that no household chores were to be done during the Sunday film.

Yes, for most part, progress in our material lives has been convenient, like a plastic flower which neither wilts nor gives out any fragrance.

But there is one arena of life that remains unchanged – it is the path to God. The mystery remains intact. The turns on the road can never become predictable. The access poses the same challenge today as it did since the beginning of time. The joy of discovery can never be diminished. And it is this that balances our lives and stops us from spinning like tops while time chases all around us.

On the occasion of Mother’s birth anniversary, let us offer ourselves and aspire that Her Grace will keep us on this path to God, come what may. Let us pray that each one of us has an eventful, exciting, enlightening tryst with time, and hope that whether it is the changing world around us or within us, in either case, it is bathed in the most glorious sunshine.