Mind, Body, Soul|Jun 14, 2009 2:17 PM| by:

The Power of Peace

There is a power in Peace. The power to heal, support and succour. It is a power that can reach to the very roots of our malady. It stills the restless turbulence of Nature from which springs all disorder and disequilibrium. It anchors us to the calm and luminous Self that is forever in a state of harmony and ease. It links us to the vastness of the cosmic consciousness and thereby liberates us from the points that hurt and ache. It unites us with the supra-cosmic divine being in whose lap we lie, forgetting all suffering, struggle and pain.

This peace is not the peace of a dead man. It is certainly not the peace of inertia, of the somnambulist oblivious and insensible to suffering and pain. It is the peace of the Eternal, rapt and absorbed on the peaks of Nature, merging with the luminous Vast around it. It is the peace of the divine Dancer, victorious above Nature as its lord and master, whose rhythms are time-beats of eternity. It is the peace of the mighty Sun whose energy and force are the cause of all life untouched by all things. The luminous sun of Truth, Force and Knowledge are within us, as the very source and core of our existence: our very soul.

The past millennium exploited the power of division, of parts, the power of pieces. The future explores the power of oneness, of the whole—the power of Peace.