Creative Corner|Dec 3, 2006 2:41 PM| by:

The Samadhi at Night

Into a white slab of marble a heaven descended,
Giving a tangible form to the intangible godhead.
Fragrant swirls of incense rise and curl and drop into its whiteness.
The soothing dimness of night abounding with an unseen brightness.
The heart fills up with a beauty that dances,
Secure and cocooned, the being drops all armours and lances.
The Beloved wafts from it, sweet winds of grace,
Draping the entire being with that unforgettable embrace.
So far it seems when counted the mile,
So near when sought for in the being’s inner smile,
The beauty, the wonder, the secret lies in this,
I carry within me a perennial fount of bliss.
I stay untouched by the furies of life hurled along the way,
For I carry inside me this haven, just one heartbeat away.