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The Science of the Supernature

There is technology and there is Science, just as there are techniques and there is a Principle, or there are methods and processes and there is the general law.

Technology, techniques, methods and processes are only an extended application of Science and Principles and Laws. Therefore, there is a limit to technology and techniques and methods, unless and until we discover a new science, a new principle or a new law. A technique is nothing more than one form of application of a Principle. The limits of that technique are therefore already set. One may multiply the number of techniques or perfect the existing one, yet one cannot go beyond the limits of the principle on which it works. Too much reliance on a technique without an understanding of its principle is therefore a double-trap. Firstly it limits us, secondly and what is worse, we do not even realize its limitations. Therefore all kinds of claims, genuine and false, are born and with it arises a dogmatic assertion verging on superstition.

And what is Science, Principle and Law, but a discovery or statement of a single line of action that Nature takes. For each discovered line of force, there are many that are still undiscovered. Science, Principle and Law too have their limits. For Nature has an infinite variety of action that our finite senses cannot grasp nor our limited minds seize. Therefore an excessive reliance on them is also a double-trap. For, firstly it hypnotises us into believing that what we have seen, discovered and known is the only truth. Secondly, by conditioning and limiting us, it prevents us from going beyond the known – till an ever dissatisfied adventurer and explorer comes to peer into the unknown with fresh eyes and disturbs our vision or shifts it to another grey spot. Then what seemed so very true, practicable and real, suddenly begins to appear wrong, false and full of flaws; a defect of our vision, a limit to our understanding.

So the march of knowledge slowly goes on, lifting veil after veil, substituting one pair of spectacles for another. And so scientific prejudices are born and with them, intellectual biases, mental opinions, temporary inferences, judgments and dogmas of science, no different from the superstitions of the savage or narrow creed of intolerant religion. Or perhaps it is worse, since scientific cults apparently stand supported by the light of reason. And reason is like a lamp that, whilst illuminating one line in its immediate vicinity, increases the folds of darkness that hide the other lines. Attracted to one tendency or possibility in Nature, we refuse to even observe and examine, let alone admit, other equally strong or even stronger possibilities and principles. For science itself is a child of Nature and not its master. It observes what little of her treasures the great Mother reveals. Or perhaps we see in her what we believe and choose to see.

But just as the garment is not the human being, nor the body the person, so also the surface findings of our sciences and their technological applications, the principles discovered and techniques that evolve out of them, are but screen phenomena. We are still studying and analysing the outer robe while the wearer himself remains unnoticed. His soul entirely escapes our field of vision in spite of dissecting the body to the last finite atom. For we have explored as much as we can with our minds. We have overstretched the limits of our senses. We have overstrained the limits of reasoning and analysis. Now we are moving in circles of quantity and numbers.

What we need instead is a new quality. A new pair of eyes, a new set of senses that are not deceived by appearances, a new mind that at once knows the Truth by identifying with the object, rather than the laborious and grossly inadequate way of indirect study, analysis and inference. In short, we need a new man or new being, call it whatever, to evolve out of this old one – a being not mesmerised by the senses nor stupefied by its own brilliance of logic. We need a being of Truth and Light, a being of Oneness, Harmony and Love, a being whose will does not need an outer instrumentation to fulfil itself and whose knowledge does not depend upon factual data.

This is the new line of possibility opening before man, the new door to fuller emancipation. It is a new science, not dependent upon technology and teaching nor statistical analysis, but reaching out and directly seizing upon its objects. It also has its own methods and processes that it spontaneously adjusts to suit its purpose. In other words, this new Power is independent of outer technology, technique and instruments. It may however use or dispense with them as it wills. It is a power that is superior to Nature. Sciences, Laws and Processes flow out of That as wave upon wave rises in the ocean, one after another; each different, though each looking the same. So too, this is a power, one with a knowledge that can use the existing forces of Nature or change and create new ones. It is a Knowledge-Power beyond even the grasp of our highest mind. It is the Knowledge-Power of the One. To ascend to That, to open to That, to receive That, and allow That to work out its purpose: that is the Supreme Science that awaits its hour. It is beyond techniques and laws, beyond method and processes, the science of the future, the science beyond Nature – the Science of the Supernature.