Creative Corner|Feb 29, 2008 9:13 AM| by:

The Supramental Purusha

Purusha of golden eternities of might,
Sun-self of bliss august, unknowable,
Whose sheer altitude of timelessness and light
Is the peak of the world, the Peak of the Inscrutable,
Thy thunder-presence I feel, changeless, alone,
A limitless crown upon my earth-time’s drowse,
A blaze of god-omnipotence unknown,
A might of flame awake in a human house.

Thy fire is all, all else is a dream of death;
Thy majestic will is the one guiding power,
All else is but a damask or sapphire sheath;
Thy gaze on earth is the far infinite’s dower.
O reveal to us Thy imperial face of noon
Breaking the hard nescience of midnight swoon.