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The Test

The Guru once wished to put his disciples through a test. Giving a coconut to each one of them, he instructed, “Go and break this coconut. But take care to do it in a place where no one is watching you.”

“What a simple test!” thought the disciples, and parted ways to carry out the Guru’s bidding. One by one, they came back looking quite pleased with themselves. They had all been able to find secluded spots, nooks and comers, caves and caverns, where they had been able to break their coconuts, unseen by human eyes.

One amongst them, however, did not return till late in the evening. The other disciples felt concerned for him.

When he did return, he brought the coconut, unbroken, to place it at the feet of the Guru.

“I’m afraid I was not able to pass the test,” he said sadly.

“Did you find no place, no nook, no comer where you could break the coconut?” asked the other disciples.

To this, he replied, “I went into the depths of the forest, under the bushes and into the caves, into secluded nooks and comers. But wherever I went, just as I was about to break the coconut, I felt a pair of eyes watching me!”

“Why didn’t you come with me?” cried one of his friends. “There was not a soul in sight, where I went!”

“I found several such lonely spots,” replied the disciple. “But wherever I went, I saw the eyes of God watching me, peeping through my own eyes. I found I could not escape the eyes of God! And so I have brought the coconut back.”

“You are the realised one,” exclaimed the Guru, embracing him affectionately. “You alone have passed the test.”

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