Food for Thought|Feb 18, 2011 7:08 AM| by:

The Two Roads

The Mother says that there is infinitely greater joy in giving rather than receiving. Whenever pleasure is felt for the little joys of life, one road that can be taken is to allow the ‘I ness’ to usurp that joy in perhaps unworded thought formations of ‘I and no one but me was praised so I am happy’. This already sows the seeds of fear, hatred and jealousy because then the ‘I’ becomes a despot zealously guarding the riches of praise, beauty and success. The other road is that the moment pleasure is experienced it can be offered to all sentient beings with the thought, “May all beings enjoy the affirmation of being praised” or “May all beings enjoy the feeling of being universally liked” or “May all beings enjoy beauty”. Then the despotic king ‘I ness’ becomes one with the universal kingdom and there is no longer any kingdom to guard with jealousy or hatred. All becomes an open-armed embrace of love.