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The Grammar of Prayers

How little we understand the way the physical world works and so when it comes to the world that remains unseen and unknown, our inability to grasp practically anything is laughably excusable. Our ways are at times like those of clowns who trip on their own feet, sliding face down, red in the face. Or at least that is how I felt myself to be. Recently, I went for the coveted Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra, as probably the only participant who knew little of the religious significance, adventure and trekking being the prime objective. By and by, it was inevitable that I would hear enough stories to know that it was to Shiva’s home that we were going and that Bholenath (the Innocent God) being who He was, would grant any and every wish to those who came to His doors. Not in the practice of asking anything of ‘God’, I let the moment slip when I was at the very foot of the grand mountain while all around me and for many days too, all manner of things were asked for, prayed for, demanded.

We put distance between ourselves and Kailash and in between lay the beautiful lake Mansarovar and even then, the supplications continued while taking holy dips, performing rituals and pujas and as before, my mind remained silent. On the day of departure, as we boarded the bus, I took a last look at this familiar sight of a God and His home, and suddenly, my heart burst forth with a prayer: “Please Shiv ji, make my cat and dog get along and not fight for only then can we live our lives peacefully.” I was desperate but it never struck me before that this could count as a valid prayer – well, here it was and I was so convinced seeing everyone’s confidence in the Granter of boons, that I immediately felt something settle within, as if a stamp of approval had already been given.

The day after I returned home, my cat died. I thought back to that day in the bus and laughed even though I was miserable. The Gods will answer your prayers for sure but how They choose to answer it, in what language, in what form, cannot be dictated by us. Sweet kind Shiva solved my predicament with a clean sweep – He simply took Kittu jaan to His home. Now there will be no fights. And we can live peacefully. Or can we?