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Three Blind Men

There are three kinds of blindness in the world of men.

The first is the one which robs a man of his external sight, a physical handicap. The second is self-imposed and a voluntary withdrawal from the world as it presents itself to us in the form of images. And the third is the blindness that overpowers us despite our perfect eyesight and our wilful eagerness to soak in all that goes on around us — it is the blindness of the soul.

While fate or circumstance or destiny may result in the first two types of blindness, yet, innate, in each one of us, is a seed of the third, waiting for a moment to unsheathe itself. All of man’s endeavour, unknown to himself, is towards ensuring that the seed does not sprout. Later, when by Grace he becomes conscious, his endeavour widens to not just suppressing the seed but digging it out from the soil of our being, from the very depths of our consciousness, from the very core of our soul.

Lack of outer sight doesn’t rob us of our inner vision, but lack of inner sight removes all traces of Light, within and without, leaving in its stead only darkness wrapped in gloom. It then becomes imperative that we put in all the aspiration we can muster, to fuel the fire that keeps our inner sight ablaze, diminishing and dispelling every speck of darkness that may come our way.