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Throw out the Garbage

Have you noticed how instinctive some of our reactions are? No one has to tell us to behave in such and such manner – we just do it. At that point, we don’t question why we do it because we trust and understand the necessity to do so. Take an absolutely commonplace scenario: if you chance across a garbage dump, your first reaction is to close your nose or inhale less deeply and move away as fast as possible. Why? Because you find it unnecessary to inhale that repugnant odour. It is unpleasant and makes you uncomfortable. And you would like to have it removed from the vicinity if you could or else remove yourself from it. Such is the instinct by and large.

The wise tell us that one must not react. Be a witness and above all, don’t be a slave to your mind – display absolute control over your thoughts for that is a necessary step towards spiritual life. While this is irrefutable, it isn’t easy to practice. Maybe because it sounds like an abstract method.

But what if we were to make it more practical? What if we were to say, that from now on, every thought that is utterly useless or carries within it the trap of unnecessary emotional see-sawing or triggers negativity within us, should be treated like garbage… what would you do then? Would you allow the stink to remain within you or would you rather follow your instinct to throw it out and distance yourself from it?

A new experiment at the start of a new year…

  • http://Website Amal Sircar

    Very good suggestion indeed. Let’s try to put it into practice.

  • http://Website Varsha Vora

    Thought-provoking and I will at least try and follow it…

  • http://Website Nileen

    Thank you for the wonderful article. I hope I can deal with “utterly useless” thoughts better.