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A Prayer to the Mother

With worshipping hearts we bow to Thee this day

Of Thy arrival thirty-two years ago

To join the Godhead of the Golden Way

And take Thy seat for Evil’s overthrow.


The Ishwari with Ishwara was entwined,

The Mother of Creation found her source;

Her role in a deep mysterious game outlined

She fronted the suffering world to steer its course.


Our Lord has chosen to leave His body’s bound

And sail the fathomless inconscient seas;

Thou art His Will on earth to heal her wound

And bring to birth the Eternal’s endless peace.


Thou art our all, in Thee we seek his Grace,

The vigil’s end, the dawn of His Golden Face.


– Prithvi Singh

(The main title of this poem is The Twenty-Fourth April, 1952 for that is when the poet wrote it. The Mother first came to Pondicherry on 29th March 1914; her second and final arrival after which she was to settle permanently in Pondicherry was on the 24th of April 1920)