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Two Sides of a Coin

The medical and spiritual views of the human body are different.

The medical man sees it from the platform of matter, perceiving it through the lens of his physical mind, bound by sense experience. Even his augmentation of the sensory view through elaborate and sophisticated equipment is a limitation; a broken reflection in the world of matter of something that is beyond the physical.

The spiritual man casts a deeper look since he frees himself from the matted hedge of senses and develops other latent faculties that can penetrate beyond the physical and reveal to him another view of the human body from a higher and wider perspective. This too may be partial but is a more holistic and essential view.

The two do not cancel but complement one another. The medical view reveals to us a detailed knowledge of the physical structure and its processes and uses this knowledge to develop material means to control the body’s functions. Spiritual and occult knowledge reveal the hidden world of cosmic forces that pour upon the physical world and act upon the human body, working out their intent through it. The medical view describes the physical field; the spiritual view describes the forces and energies that make their play upon it. Some forces nurture and nourish the field with the right kind of water and minerals and open the soil to light and fresh air. Others leave it rocky and hard and mix the rejuvenating streams of life with poisonous stuff. The corresponding result is either peace or agitation, a calm felicity or suffering, health and balance or illness and imbalance.

The medical man with his science studies the effects of these forces and their intermediary link-processes in the body. The spiritual man sees their inner and hidden cause. The medical man corrects the outer manifestations of an inner disorder. The spiritual man heals the inner cause. The medical man trims the outer shoots and weeds of illness so that life can become less miserable and more manageable, at least for the moment. The spiritual man removes the malady from its very roots. So though apparently different, both can complement and assist each other.