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What Makes Water Happy?

Surfing through the Internet, I stumbled across this video which I’m sure everyone can relate to.

The subject: Water.

The idea that water can not only absorb energy but also transmit that same energy  into us is not new anymore for Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto had gone public with his findings many years ago. While there were many who subscribed to his research, part of the scientific community remained skeptical and dismissed it as a pseudo-science.This video puts many relevant points before you, with visuals that although unrefined, are true to life and purpose.

Those who delve into the realm of the human consciousness will find many of his ideas akin to their own – ideas which while not the kind that can be proven under a microscope, do nevertheless leave an impact on our beings based on self observation. We all have our own beliefs and intelligence to understand and can freely accept or reject an idea; watch the video and decide for yourselves if indeed it could be true.