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Why do People Like to Hurt Others?

All around us we see violence, destruction of what is beautiful, infliction of suffering on others.  And no country, race, religion, or political and social structure seems to be immune from it.  Not only is it very widespread, but also, we find that people even take a perverse joy in behaving in this manner while claiming that we are rational beings, living in a highly evolved culture and civilization.

The question arises why is it so?  Why do people like doing wrong things?  Why do we find, even in our own selves, at times these hidden movements?

The Mother was once asked:
Question: Why is it so much easier to do bad things, and so much more difficult to do good things?

Here is the Mother’s answer, looking at the problem both from an occult and a deeper psychological level, and explaining what one can do to bring about a change.

“People say so, but it is not always true, and it depends on people. I knew people (not many, but still…) for whom it was impossible to do anything bad. Everything in their nature revolted at the idea of doing harm; the spontaneous movement was completely against this. But this is rare. Still, it does exist.

Why does this happen?

This happens because the world as it is at present is still largely under the influence of the adverse forces, particularly the vital force which is dynamic and generally makes you act.
This force is largely under the influence of the adverse vital, that is, forces which like to hurt, destroy, damage. That kind of will to spoil things: when one sees something beautiful, instead of admiring, loving, being happy, wishing that it grows and progresses (which is the true divine movement), one feels a sort of anger, rage, one wants to destroy, one wants to damage. This is the movement of the adverse forces.

Unfortunately, this is quite spontaneous in many people, and even in children… the instinct to destroy and spoil. Well, it is the presence of the adverse forces. And these are forces which come directly from the vital world and incarnate on earth in human consciousness, and at times also in animal consciousness. It is the hatred for things beautiful, for what is pure, what is good, what is true.

It is the hatred of the divine Presence. And naturally, with this hatred, the will to destroy and damage, to spoil, mar, deform, disfigure. One step more and it is the will to inflict suffering. And all this is the influence of the adverse forces, which acts quite spontaneously in the inconscient, in the subconscient, in half-consciousness.
Few can escape its hold

It is only the pure and luminous consciousness which can oppose this and prevent it from acting. But the state of the world is such that this is a constant battle. Very few people can escape from this hold. Everyone generally has a tiny little corner in him—at times quite small, at times bigger, sometimes quite unconscious, sometimes a little conscious, sometimes superbly, completely conscious—which likes destroying, likes spoiling.

And the state of the world is such that when one gives way to that, one is helped by an onrush of forces which lie waiting for the opportunity, waiting for the moment to be able to manifest, which need human collaboration to be able to manifest and seek it. As soon as the opportunity comes, they rush forth, throwing out a formidable amount of energy. And so one feels stronger as soon as one begins to do evil. That is why it is easier.

One must be a Hero

Whilst if one wants to react, refuse to become the instrument of these forces, one must fight hard, be very strong, very straight, very pure, very sincere, and above all, not egoistic. One must not turn round upon oneself, and must never be afraid. And this is not easy.

That is, the world is in such a state that in order never to be moved by the adverse forces—the forces of darkness, destruction, wickedness, hatred—one must be a hero, a true hero, who is not afraid of blows and fears nothing, who never turns round upon himself and doesn’t have that kind of self-pity which is so despicable a thing. That is why… in order not to do evil, think evil, wish evil, never, under any circumstances, one must be a hero…. It is not always easy to be a hero.

Faith in the Divine Grace

The days one is tired, the days one wants to rest, not to make any effort, one slips, everything slips down. It is terribly slippery. It is more slippery than a children’s toboggan. One slides down, down like that, down in a whirlwind. And it is only when one is right at the bottom that one realises that one has come down. Then one must climb back. That is not always comfortable.

But for one who has faith in the Divine Grace, the return to the Light becomes easy.”

The Mother