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Willing a Strong Will

Having a strong will… what does it really mean?

Many of us take the will to reside in the mind – to mentally put up a roadblock in order to curtail entry to something unwanted or, on the other hand, to diligently pursue something disregarding all obstacles. That is true, in part. But, if that were the only source of origin, then indeed, displaying one’s will would be a Herculean task, for the average mind, is as yet untrained and more often than not, chooses easier options. Unable to endure, not just the pain of an event but the helplessness to remedy it, could easily make one’s will cave in.

However, the will is a magical device and something so powerful cannot be housed in only the mind, which until it learns to build itself, is but a weak foundation. The will, even unknown to ourselves, acts from deep within our core, more in tune perhaps with our soul. That is why, even when the skies turn dark and one feels hell’s fire descend into one’s being, even while we crumble on the outside, somewhere from within us, there is a secret force which works and takes us towards light and victory… that is the true will in us.

Experiencing the action of the will provides us with a clearer image of ourselves – where we may have once chastised our own weakness or inability to display an attitude of detachment, by its own method, the will proves that on the contrary, there is a yearning which is more deep seated than we think, which works independently and with more conviction. That, too, is an aspect of ourselves and all we have to do once we get a glimpse of it, is to bring it out from the depths and make it a conscious part of our being, so that we can use this strange and wonderful will to the maximum in our lives.