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World Movement

Despite what the many prophets of doom proclaim, despite many misleading appearances, the world is definitely moving in the right direction. We get a distorted picture when we look only at segments forgetting the overall perspective. It will not do, either, to confine ourselves to brief periods of time which are but dots in the long history of the race. If we regard this world-movement in an objective manner we cannot but perceive that there is definitely an upward trend on the whole; there has been a spectacular advance in the knowledge of the processes and powers of Matter, in their utilisation for the furtherance of the development of life and mind, in the sciences of biology, medicine, environment, in a word in many areas of the practical application of the rapidly evolving Consciousness on earth. And the Consciousness itself has grown enormously in directions hitherto neglected: to the depths and heights that had been explored by pioneers in the past, new horizontal dimensions have been added. The microscopic and the macroscopic universes are edging closer and closer. New realms of Consciousness beyond the known ranges of the thinking mind have been opened up and are in the process of being dynamically related to the being of man.

Thus our earth-ship is fast moving towards its destination. Gathering up all the gains of its long evolutionary effort, the world is preparing to break through the barriers of its limiting Ignorance, limitation and incapacity. The areas of negation are shrinking and fresh winds of affirmation are blowing. It is inevitable that in the process all evil, falsehood and fear get concentrated in a few pockets and fight their last ditch battle against the Forces of Light, Peace, Truth which are steadily inching their way into the higher mind of man.

This may be observed even in the sphere of governmental powers. It has been a long way since these powers were concentrated in the hands of an individual, the King, and exercised according to his caprice. After ages, they passed into the hands of aristocracy of different types in different countries. Thence they came to the politicians who purported to act for the common populace. That phase is ending everywhere. There is a general realisation that these powers of rule can be rightly exercised only by those who have the requisite knowledge and the stature in consciousness. Today things are being increasingly controlled and directed by technocrats of material sciences. But their limitations are becoming apparent with the growing explosions of consciousness all over the world and it is only a question of time before technocrats of the Spirit assume their rightful role. For it is these elect of evolution who are open to the Truth-Consciousness which holds the key to all powers. Ultimately it is the Truth-Power that is at the source of all powers in this manifestation and it is inevitable that their control must pass into the hands of that Power in the fullness of time. Even today those who wield that Power influence world events from behind the scene. The veil between the seen and the unseen is getting less and less opaque.


(M.P. Pandit came to the Ashram at a very young age. He is the author of a large number of books and articles on Integral Yoga and the Indian spiritual tradition. He was the Chairman of World Union International.)

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