Moments Winging By...|Jul 17, 2006 1:08 PM| by:

Young Gods in the Making

It is the midway point. Half a year has passed us by, the other half looms ahead. A casual observation ran thus, “Time is flying, this year exceptionally so…”.

It is but the same story retold with the innocence of forgetfulness, for time never alters its pace. There can be no midway mark in time either, for how can one mark something which has no start or end, no boundaries, no limits? But purely as a practical or psychological exercise, let the mark remain. There were resolutions made at the start of the year, dreams, plans, goals chalked out and decisions taken of matters from the utterly mundane to the most elevated… now is as good a time to do a quick check, strike off accomplishments, highlight in bold the things to-be-done.

We need this exercise simply because we are as yet human, susceptible to short memories and plagued by inconsistencies of our own nature.

On occasion it does well to pause and see how much of time has gone, for although we don’t know how much of it remains, we can nevertheless, make best possible use of whatever is in reserve… a moment or a million.

We can do that, because even though we are as yet human, we nevertheless have the potential of becoming young gods.

As always, time rolls on by, but at the end of the day, it is a matter of the choices we make, the markers we set, the potentials we choose to make real.